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  • C'Mon Everybody 325 Franklin Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11238 United States (map)

Olympia presents Inside Out, an exhibition highlighting a group of artists who transcribe, restage, and abstract the everyday; as a result, the past, future, known, and unknown coexist in one verse. As viewers, hints of familiar shapes and intimate worlds, convey our capacity to process personal histories, and connect to experiences that we in fact never possessed. The act of processing is not linear, as our emotions, opinions, and thoughts change by the hour. Moreover, the act of revisiting an event, language, and sound, serves, just like in life in the studio, as an aid to reinterpret the past, and experience something completely unfixed.

Alicia Gibson’s paintings ask the viewers to take textual references as windows into the painter's world, or as a departure point for themselves. The forms in Erin Hinz’s paintings deconstruct what it means to exist inside of a body. Through references to domestic spaces, Hinz explores ideas about gender, and the public and private spheres we occupy. Erika Ranee’s paintings investigate the rituals and buzz of the everyday. Her intuition takes total control, responding to the paintings voice, as well as her own senses. Allison Reimus tests painting as both an object that reflects associations with domesticity, as well as a space to investigate composition and time.

Inside Out replays different versions of experiences from within, or observed moments of the exterior, in order to refuse their original intentions, and present something new. Recording the everyday creates endless possibilities of interpretation, which extend far beyond the corners of the canvas.

Show will be up from 1/10/19 - 1/31/19

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